Sports Business University (SBU)

Sports BusinessU (SBU) is a community of current and future sports business professionals. SBU promotes networking, speaker series, and engaging content in order to educate and empower industry leaders. Our mission is firstly to build a network of like-minded peers who together will mold and shape the future of Sports Business. Second, to provide and share the resources necessary to thrive in the sports industry. And finally, to foster and encourage the growth of sports business associations nationwide.

SBU is a network of primarily 18-24 year olds who are looking to create relationships with one another, the future Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the industry. In addition, we want to build the platform facilitating collaboration and cross-campus initiatives for sports business associations and clubs.

If you are someone in the sports business industry, or interested in joining it, please reach out to us on twitter or our website on Monday 1/28 at 2PM when the site goes live! We are on the same team, let us help each other pursue our goals of working in Sports.



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