Live From the Desk

Our content is dependent on that of events around the industry. The event organizers choose the speakers and the topics in which are going to be presented. This does not give SBEN any creative freedom or allow our viewers to tell us who they want to hear. Live From the Desk (LFTD) changes that all.

Beginning with IMG Senior Vice President Peter Smith, SBEN is bringing you an interactive platform where anyone can ask our featured speaker any question they would like. Questions can be asked via Twitter using #deskques or during the live stream on the chat feature. Note that in order to use the chat feature one must have a Livestream account, free to sign up, to participate. Speakers will also discuss their current ventures within the industry as well as how they broke into #sportsbiz.

The idea of LFTD was inspired by the inability for student organizations to pay to bring in guest speakers. This platform allows students from all over the world to listen to executives within the industry speak and ask them questions as well. There is no cost associated enabling all to benefit from the wisdom that will be shared.

Being an interactive platform, LFTD will not thrive without your help! Make sure to ask questions through the designated hashtag and leave us a comment with an executive you would want to hear from! This is the coffee date with an executive that you always wanted to have without having to pay for the coffee!


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