About Us

SBEN on Livestream

The Sports Business Education Network (SBEN) is a non-profit, membership-centered organization established and funded by the Mark H. McCormack Foundation. Mark H. McCormack, widely recognized as the founder of the sports marketing industry, was committed to business education and sharing, “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School.” SBEN’s mission is to carry on this tradition by linking live events featuring top executives in the industry with the next generation of sports leaders—whether they are new to working in the industry or students interested in entering the field.

SBEN works with companies, universities and associations in the sports industry, who are staging events where experts are gathered to address an audience.  From keynote addresses at a conference, to guest lectures at a University, to a corporate internship program, senior executives are often called on to share their wisdom.  SBEN is designed to amplify those efforts by allowing audiences from around the world to tune in to live, multimedia coverage of those events.

“Organizers Retain Full Control Over Their Events”

Event owners are in full control of their own editorial presentation. SBEN’s goal is to extend the reach of the event organizers’ efforts.  SBEN provides a common platform for the industry to aggregate its collective educational efforts, sharing the fruits of its labor with all the members who choose to support its mission.

Event owners are also in full control of the media used to cover their event.  Some event organizers already have multiple HD cameras covering an event and are producing a live switch-feed.  Smaller event budgets may have to rely on single camera coverage; others audio only.  Even the smallest events can provide live blogging updates via text and photo updates.

Event organizers also fully control the commercial presentation of their event.  If someone has paid $1000 to sponsor a session or address, one would hope that by building an online audience that doubles or triples the reach of the event will add value to future sponsorships.  During the Livestream an event organizer can promote registrations for the next events they are hosting.  Simply put, all event promotions on SBEN and any promotionally oriented posts in the live event feed are exclusive designed to further business and commercial partnerships of the event organizer.