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Live At Your Desk with Peter Smith UPDATE!

Peter Smith will officially kick off Live at Your Desk, TOMORROW WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH AT 10AM ET. For approximately 30 minutes Peter will discuss current international television and it’s interaction with with the global sports market as compared to when he first entered the industry.

Yesterday we posted an article to Sports Business U discussing our segment tomorrow with Peter Smith! Check out the article here if you haven’t had the chance! Don’t forget to send in any questions you may have on Twitter using #askLAYD and during the live stream through the chat feature!

“Mark’s vision of where broadcasting was going to go was just light years ahead of any one else,” Peter Smith, Senior Vice President, Director International Sales at IMG. “I asked Mark for a job definition at the time of what did he really want me to do as I set up the international side of TWI and he said to me, ‘get on a plane and never come home.’”

IMG Senior VP Featured on SBEN!

Tomorrow we are officially kicking off Live at Your Desk with IMG Media Senior VP Peter Smith! Smith will be discussing international television and how it integrates into global sports marketing trends. Through our partner Sports Business University we posted an article about the upcoming stream. Make sure to take a look!

We highly encourage you to ask Smith a question through Livestream’s chat feature during the stream. Questions can also be asked prior to the stream on Twitter using hashtag #askLAYD. Smith is one of the last remaining employees to have worked with Mark H. McCormack in IMG’s early years.

Tune in tomorrow at 10:30am ET as Smith shares his wisdom!

Soccer in Indianapolis!

Are you a fan of soccer/futbol? If not, you should be! If you follow sports you’ll know that the MLS is up and coming and by 2020 could potentially be as big as the big 4.

On January 16th, 2013 Indianapolis was awarded a soccer team that will begin play for the North American Soccer League (NASL) in 2014. Tonight, the Sport Marketing Alliance at Indiana University is hosting a panel to discuss Indianapolis’ pro soccer team, the process of gaining a team, and what this means for Indianapolis and the sport of soccer in Indiana.

Tonight’s panel features Indy Pro Soccer President Peter Wilt, Indiana University Head Soccer Coach Todd Yeagley, Brickyard Battalion President Derek Richey, and Cutters Youth Soccer Director of Coaching and Player Development Tom Berry.

Tune in at 7:30 ET!

Jon Goode Speaking at SNHU!

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) Sport Management Department brings in 5-8 speakers for all students to learn from every year. The purpose of the speakers series is to involve the SNHU students with alumni as well as to provide insight on breaking into the sports industry.

Past speakers include:

  • Lou Imbriano-CEO at TrinityOne Sports & Professor of Sports Marketing at Boston College
  • Rick Brenner-GM Fisher Cats & Bowling Green Hot Rods
  • Shawn Sullivan-CMO Boston Celtics
  • Kathrine Switzer-first women to run the Boston Marathon
  • Josh Milne- Owner Gameplan Executive Management
  • Jeff Eisenberg-Owner Eisenberg Vital & Ryze Advertising

Upcoming speakers include:

  • John Mortimer, CEO Millennium Running
  • Art Solomon, Owner NH Fisher Cats and Bowling Green Hot Rods

So, what can you expect to hear from Jon Goode tonight? Full agenda is here! 

  1. Career Path
    1. Cerebral Palsy/Working in Sports
    2. Metrowest Daily News
    3. CBS Sports Fantasy Football Columnist/Elevator Action
    4. Beantown Basketball League
    5. Catching Up With/Blast from the Past
      1. Reggie Smith

2. Formation of FCBL was organized

  1. NECBL
  2. Brockton/Nashua
  3. Four teams/Nine Teams
  4. Minor League Experience

3. Working with Lowell Spinners/Nashua Silver Knights

  1. Wear Many Hats
  2. Promotions
    1. Yankee Elimination Promotion
    2. Guinness Records: Duck, Duck Goose & Bubble Wrap
    3. Human Home Run
    4. Between-Inning Promotions
      1. Star Wars Spelling Bee – asking for volunteers
      2. Frisbee Dog
      3. Mini-Go Karts
    5. Speed Dating with Tyler Seguin (Autographed Baseball)
      1. Almost got smoked (Video)
    6. Future Promotions
      1. Snowman Sundays at Holman Stadium
      2. Leprachaun Wrestling
  1. Other projects
    1. Concerts ; Lucic Celebrity Softball Game
    2. Children’s Books
    3. College Athletics
    4. Placing Athletes & Celebrities
  1. Advice

    1. Uncomfortable situations
    2. Make yourself be in demand
    3. Be different/Go above & beyond
    4. Drive Go-Karts, Dropkick Murphys concert, Lucic Celebrity Softball Game

To understand everything on this agenda tune in at 6:30PM ET TONIGHT!



In it’s 3rd year, the Illinois State University Sport Management Symposium is bringing in speakers from around the industry, namely variety of professional sports teams, collegiate athletics, marketing agencies, and sports properties. This year’s lineup of speakers include three alum from the host school: Jay Blunk, executive vice president of the Chicago Blackhawks; Phil Bedella, vice president and general management of Comcast SportsNet Chicago; and Eric Buchanan, general manager of the Texas A&M Sports Properties (Learfield Sports). Past keynote speakers have included Dan Migala and Mike Veeck.

Attendance is expected to reach 250 with both graduate and undergraduate students coming from all across the Midwest. Attendance is expected to double through the ISU Sport Management Symposium livestream channel for those unable to attend.

Through Twitter hashtag #ISUSYM13 all viewers, both in-person and online, will be able to discuss the speakers and panels they see. This will also be seen as a way of interaction and connecting all those participating in the symposium.


You can also view this article posted in the Illinois State University online publication.


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Look out for our upcoming events:

  • 2/5 IMG Senior VP Peter Smith on Live at  Your Desk! #askLAYD
  • 2/5 ESPN’s Christopher Harris at UMass, 4PM ET
  • 2/8 Illinois State University Sport Management Symposium, 11AM ET #ISUSYM13
  • 2/11 John Goode at Southern New Hampshire University, 6:30PM ET @SNHUSM
  • 2/12 Indiana University Brings You a Sports Panel, 6:30PM ET @SMA_IU